At work or school all day, hunched over a desk or screens? You’re likely to have a rounded shoulder posture. “A posture featuring round shoulders can decrease our body’s ability to move in a functional and efficient way. It can also lead to a slew of shoulder injuries”, says Vancouver’s downtown fitness trainer.  

It can even reduce your lungs’ ability to inhale fully. So, let’s get to that fix!  

In this post and the Instagram video to demonstrate the moves, we address tight upper traps, pecs, lats and weak medium lower traps and rear deltoid muscles.  

First, before we continue – If you have any serious injuries consult with your physician! And if you experience any unusual pain doing any of these exercises, stop immediately and talk to your physician.

We’ll be breaking this exercise sequence into 3 categories:  

  1. Foam Rolling/Self Myofascial Release Techniques  
  2. Dynamic/Active Stretching  
  3. Muscle Activation and strengthening weak links  

Here we go!  

Foam rolling  

It should take around 30 seconds (sec) per region, though feel free to go longer if any part feels extremely tight or sore. Go very slow and easy.  
A-Upper traps against the wall x 30 sec per side  
B-Pecs x 30 sec per side  
C-Lats x 30 sec per side  
D-Upper back/thoracic spine region x 30 sec (up and down, side to side)  
E-Thoracic spine with reach and crunch x 5  

Dynamic stretching  

Keep your core engaged when you do so and focus on proper alignment instead of aiming to just “feel the stretch.”  
A-Wall pec stretch x 10 per side (hold that last stretch for 30-45 seconds)  
B-Stability ball active lats stretch x 10 (hold that last stretch for 30-45 seconds)  
C-T spine rotation (Lumbar locked) x 10 per side  

Muscle activation and strengthening weak links  

Start with 1 set, and when it gets easier, aim for 2-3 sets.  

A-Band pull apart x 12  
B-Cable rows x 12 per side  
C-Modified superman W pull-ups x 12  

Remember quality over quantity. Focus on good form and technique and quality of movement over going harder or heavier.                   

I hope this helps. Give it a try and/or pass it on to someone you know who needs it!    
Release all that limiting tension and have fun doing it, so you can move better. 
Love, peace and power!!  

Your Fitness Journey with Vancouver’s Downtown Fitness Trainer

Vancouver’s Downtown Fitness Trainer Tips for Round or Tight Shoulders

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