Have you ever resolved to get fit and then made a plan? Did you see it through? Vancouver’s fitness trainer has news for you. It’s the inspiration to succeed found in Alice’s story and her efforts at the fitness studio.  

Meet Alice! Get inspired and stay inspired my friend.  

Vancouver's Fitness Trainer

Alice Journey with Vancouver’s Fitness Trainer

Alice started training with me in 2014, soon after she moved to Vancouver. 
Her goal was to lose weight and increase her strength and stamina. 
Within three months of our working together, she lost around 10 lbs. while maintaining her lean mass. 

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In the process, she discovered her love for running and hiking. In 2017, Alice enrolled in the BMO Half Marathon. She re-enrolled and signed up for the 2018 BMO Half Marathon. 
After accomplishing these dreams, Alice needed a bigger challenge! So, in 2019, she headed to Nepal and did the Annapurna Circuit which is about a 230 km hike. 
Shortly after she was back, COVID-19 took hold world-wide. In spite of the pandemic, she kept up with her strength training and running routines.  

What in the world is Alice planning for her next fitness challenge? Next year, Alice has set her sights on returning to Asia for another big hike ⛰ 🥾 

See Alice glow in this Insta snap of us at one of her fitness training sessions. 
Thanks, Alice for being a great role model for us! 
Stay inspired my friends.  

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