Knees caving in while walking, or doing squats? Vancouver’s downtown personal fitness trainer says there are solutions. It’s not acceptable to see knees caving in when someone grab a weight and starts doing squats, deadlifts or even farmer’s walk! It’s painful to see…and it’s likely that you are seeing it more and more. There are many reasons why that might happen including older injuries, bone structure, flat feet or just weak glutes. Read on and check out the Insta demo for the fix we have for you on knees caving in.  

You’ll see the video goes right to the problem – weak glutes and tight adductors and tips from a personal trainer.  

But first! If you feel any pain doing any of these exercises or if you have any serious injuries, consult your physician. Otherwise, read on!    

We’ll be breaking the sequence into 2 categories:  

1. Foam Rolling/Self Myofascial Release Techniques  
2. Muscle Activation and strengthening weak links  
Be sure to maintain a good postural alignment while doing the exercise.  

Here we go!  

Foam rolling 

This should take around 30 sec per region, though, feel free to go longer if any part feels extremely tight or sore. When you start rolling, go slow and easy.  

A-Inner thighs/ adductors up and down side to side x 30 sec  
B-Inner thighs with leg extensions x 5 per side  
C-Glutes Med x 30 sec per side  

Muscle activation and strengthening weak links  

A-Banded Clamshell x 15 per side  
B-Banded Glute Bridge x 15  
C-Banded Zig Zag x 12 per direction  
D-Banded Side Shuffle x 12 per direction  

Personal Trainer’s Tips on Knee Caving  

Personal Trainer’s Tips on Knee Caving for Vancouver Fitness Participants

Next time you hit the gym for a leg day, and find your knees caving in while doing squats, deadlifts or other exercises-try this sequence. Your body will thank you for it!    

I hope this helps! Give it a try and do pass it on to someone who needs it! 
Follow along step-by-step in our Insta reel here.  
Love, peace and power!!  

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