A lot ‘hinges’ on your hips. Got tight hips and back? Chances are you suffer from an Anterior Pelvic Tilt! It’s very common in our modern society, especially among office workers. It can cause a bunch of injuries and postural dysfunctions. Lucky that this downtown personal fitness trainer has tips to help you move better and feel better if you suffer from tight back, tight hips or are prone to occasional lower back or groin injuries. You’ll find this post and the video extremely helpful!  
First, before we start! If you have any serious injuries do always consult with your physician! Otherwise read on!  

Personal Training Tips to fix tight hips and back

Personal Training Tips

Today, we’ll address tight hip flexors and quads, weak core muscles and glutes.  
We’ll be breaking the sequence into 3 categories:  
1. Foam Rolling/Self myofascial Release Techniques  
2. Dynamic/Active Stretching  
3. Muscle Activation/Strengthening weak links  

1. Foam Rolling

It should take around 30 sec per region, though feel free to go longer if any part feels extremely tight or sore. When you start foam rolling, go slow and easy.  
A-Quads x 30 sec  
B-TFL (pocket muscle) up and down/ side to side x 30 seconds per side  

2. Dynamic stretching

Keep the core engaged when you do so and focus on proper alignment instead of aiming to just “feel the stretch”.  
A-Active Kneeling Hip flexor stretch x 10 (keep core and glutes engaged)  
3. Strengthening weak links 

Start with 1 set, and when it gets easier, aim for 2-3 sets.   
A- A activation with baby crunches and glutes squeeze x 6 reps and hold  
B-Dead bugs x 10 per side  
C-Banded glute bridges x 12  
D-Plank x 60 seconds  
I’m sure this will help you get looser, move better and feel better, too. Give it a try and pass it on to someone who needs it!  

Follow along step-by-step in our Insta reel here.  

Love, peace and power!!  

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