What is your excuse for getting fit for life and committing to pain-free training? Meet my client Becky and you might be inspired to rethink your position on personal training in Vancouver and the benefits that await you on your fitness journey.  

Some people say that you should never meet your hero. I say they are wrong!  
Meet my client Becky 

 Becky has been working with me for a decade. She’s visually impaired and since we started training, her eyesight has been declining. While some people may take this as yet another obstacle for them to do things and stay active, Becky did not. When I met her, she had just returned from an African Safari trip, and since then has travelled at least twice a year around the world.  

A few years ago she joined a dragon boating club and last season her team won the Silver Medal 🥈  
On top of that, she started cohosting a podcast that helps other visually impaired individuals to thrive in their lives!  
Some people say that you should never meet your hero and now you know why I say they are so wrong!  
Thanks Becky 🙏 🏆 🥈  
See Becky at ease for a moment – just long enough to take this snap together with me.    

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