It’s no exaggeration that strength training can change your life. Clients at 3D Fitness have seen significant changes for the better and felt amazing once they committed to a few months and got their personal fitness plan underway.  Strength training involves using weights to build up your muscles. Strength training at the right dosage will help you increase your lean muscle mass, increase strength and overall energy and vitality. 

If your idea is that it’s too time-consuming, or boring, then read on. You’ll find the reasons refreshing and motivating! A good strength-training regimen will focus on building muscle, but it will also improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination. Let’s look at five reasons you might enjoy the benefits of strength training. 

5 Reasons weightlifting helps to achieve life-changing effects:   


1. Increases your health outlook and decreases your risks 

How is weightlifting such an effective form of exercise to improve your health? It builds muscle, burns fat, and helps you develop a lean and healthy physique. It also improves your health. Weightlifting can help you prevent injury and illness. It can strengthen your heart and improve your blood circulation. It strengthens your bones and can lower your blood pressure. It can improve your digestion and help you sleep better.   

The key to this is to remember is that you must set up a good strength training program to achieve the results you’re after. Consider hiring a professional personal fitness trainer in Vancouver to help you get started.

2. Improves libido and performance   

Want to improve your sex life? Start with a workout. Yes, weightlifting makes you stronger in bed! People may feel that due to age, life stress, their libido drops, yet there is one thing that you can do to improve your sex life. Whether you are male or female you can gain a lot from lifting weights as resistance training can raise libido and improve performance. The practice makes you feel good about yourself and so it adds to your confidence and well, you will look better as well.

3. Improves your stamina  

Performance counts beyond the bedroom also in the lineup of weight training benefits. Vancouver’s fitness trainer can improve your stamina with weight training and help you to build a better body. This is because strength training is highly effective in building muscle. The stronger you are, the more force your body will be able to produce and the easier everything will be. Through your strength training, your body will become stronger, leaner and more toned, which will have a big effect on the way that you look and how confident you feel. You are likely to see results very quickly as when you strength train, you put your body under a lot of pressure and stress – the healthy kind. Your muscles will have to work hard to keep your body going and this will help to build them up.

4. Reduces brain fog and revs up your focus

Brain fog makes it hard for anyone at any age or fitness level to focus. It can make you feel dull, confused, forgetful, and slow. It is often caused by poor blood flow to the brain, which is a result of poor blood circulation caused by obesity, high cholesterol levels, etc. Exercise can combat memory loss and brain fog, while literally pumping up your blood circulation.   
Every fitness trainer will advise you to consult your doctor before you start an intensive workout routine. Generally, you should never exercise when you are feeling exhausted, hungry, or weak. Why risk injury when your energy levels are at their lowest? So, check in with your doctor and consult with a professional fitness trainer so that you too can enjoy clear thinking and clear sailing ahead!   

5.Dampens down depression and lifts your mood 

People struggle with depression and the numbers are far greater than we imagine, especially if that person is ‘us’. It may be due to seasonal, or mental disorders, medication side effects, or chemical imbalance. It varies with each person, and can even be attributed, or at least aggravated by lack of exercise. What is common is that strength training can have an impact on your mood and it can actually help reduce or eliminate depression.   

By incorporating strength training into your personal fitness plan, studies have shown that it can help lift your mood and even make you feel more confident. Life changes for the better, while you also live more in the moment which often translates to increased life satisfaction.

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