It’s easy for fit in the fun and get the great benefits of the Jumping Jacks exercise into your fitness routine, almost anywhere. Read on about how to do them for best fitness results and their benefits in your workout routine in these tips from Vancouver’s downtown personal fitness trainer at 3DFitness!   

Simple and familiar to most of us, jumping jacks have the potential to burn a high amount of calories. Expect to burn 19 Cal per minute and definitely give your metabolism a boost when you are done!  

What are the benefits of jumping jacks for your body?  

 Vancouver Fitness Trainer Says Try Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks, sometimes called star jumps, when done at low speed and low intensity are a highly aerobic exercise. When done with maximum speed and power they are highly anaerobic. And because it requires a lot of energy it burns a lot of calories. It is one of the best exercises for people who are just starting a fitness routine, or for those who are ready to increase their heart rate.  

Jumping jacks tone your body, burn fat and provide an alternative to other cardio exercise such as running or biking. 

So working jumping jacks into your overall personal fitness routine means that you can:  

  • Improve your circulation  
  • Increase your lung and heart capacity 
  • Improve your blood sugar level thereby preventing type 2 diabetes 
  • Increase your muscle strength  

Let’s not forget lowering stress and decreasing mood challenges like depression.   

Get Started on Jumping Jacks with Vancouver Fitness Trainer 

How to do jumping jacks?

Start slow. Keep the sets of repetitions short to start and increase as your personal fitness improves.  Here are your basic jumping jacks instructions:  

  1. Start by standing with legs straight, feet together, arms down at your sides, palms open and facing forward. 
  2. As you jump up, spread your feet beyond hip-width apart and bring your arms over your head, and nearly touching above.  
  3. Jump again as you lower your arms straight down to your sides and bring your legs together. Land with your feet together and bring your arms back toward your sides. 
  4. Repeat the jumps and arm swings 10 times and enjoy that feeling of movement – all in one smooth motion as you return to your starting position. 

A consultation with a fitness trainer can set you up with a proper personal fitness program appropriate to your starting point and your goals.

You can challenge yourself just with jumping jacks exercises. Variations that are fun and work different muscle groups, offer different intensities and can be adapted to all levels of stamina. These include squat jack, rotational jack and low-impact jumping jacks and many more. 

You can do your jumping jacks in the gym, living room, office or at the beach without any complicated equipment, but keeping to basic safety measures is always a good idea! 

  • Warm up and cool down. How about a brisk walk around the block to start? 
  • Do your jumping jacks on a flat, even surface. Shock absorbing surfaces like grass or rubber, to name a few, are preferred over cement or asphalt. 
  • Wear supportive shoes. Choose athletic sneakers instead of sandals, heeled shoes, or boots. 
  • Learn proper form. Your fitness trainer can show you proper form to get the moves correctly and to really work for you. 

Jumping jacks can help mix up your current exercise or even motivate you to start fresh with a new program. If you are ready to integrate them into a good personal fitness regimen reach out and call today for a consult – it’s free and might just get you started or help keep you on track in your fitness journey.  

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Sam Jabarin
Canfitpro Personal Trainer
ISSA Nutrition Coach

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