Don’t fall for the myths about lifting weights-the ones people believe about making them bulky. These myths will make you fat. The truth is strength training is really good for you. It is one of the best things you can do for your health. It can help you achieve the appearance you want, says Vancouver’s downtown Personal Fitness Trainer. 

5 Common Myths about Weightlifting  

Clients of 3D Fitness have learned not to let these misconceptions stop their progress:  

Myth#1 Muscle turns into fat  

Many people fear building muscle because they think it will inevitably turn into fat if they stop working out. Rest assured that this is an untrue myth. Muscle tissue and fat tissue are two different things and one will never turn into the other. 

Myth#2 Strength training won’t burn fat  

Muscle mass is key to burning fat. Did you know that each pound of muscle burns 10-20 calories per day? It does that even when you’re simply living and breathing. Strength training helps you build muscle mass and preserve existing muscle, making you a fat-burning machine. 


Myth#3 Lifting weights makes women bulk up  

When it comes to strength training, many women have the misconception that they will become bulky like a man. The fast is that testosterone levels are much higher in men, meaning that it takes a lot less effort for them to bulk up. This is not the case for women. The average woman does not have enough testosterone to produce these results without putting in a lot of dedicated effort. However, recreational female weightlifters can achieve a tight and toned figure that is still very feminine. 

Myth#4 Strength Training is only a young people’s game   

Do you know people who really believe that once you reach a certain age, you’re no longer able to participate in activities such as weight lifting? This is untrue! As long as you have your doctor’s approval, even a senior fitness participant can gain a lot from lifting weights on a regular basis. Improved balance and coordination, increased strength and flexibility, and decreased risk of osteoporosis are just some of the benefits that Vancouver’s Personal Fitness Trainer has seen in his mature clients. 

Myth#5 To get toned, use light weights and high reps  

The current thinking may be that to get results you need to go for high repetitions of very light weights will not lead to a toned physique. This is because you’re not challenging your muscles enough. We now know that in order to see real results, you need to lower your repetitions and use heavier weights. Start with an 8-10 repetition range. You should definitely see a difference in your muscle tone.  

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Do include strength training in your fitness routine as it is essential for achieving the body you want. 

Don’t fall for the myths that will keep you stuck, or worse. 

Do understand the truth about weightlifting-it may be your best motivation to start. 

Do you think you could benefit from help getting started on your fitness journey? Let’s get you going with a free initial consultation and assessment. Call or email us today.  

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Sam Jabarin
Canfitpro Personal Trainer
ISSA Nutrition Coach

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