Looking for the next big, new thing in fitness and weight loss? At 3DFitness, located in downtown Vancouver, we’ve learned from experience that there is no magic bullet, no hack like a special ab crunch. It is, however, in part in your brain. Your mindset has the power to get you the transformation you want, and here’s also where a good fitness trainer will help you exercise your mindset while you work on your muscles and motivation.  

Get your head in your fitness training plan  

Our bodies are designed to protect us, and our brains are our strongest armour. The brain automatically attempts to shield us from anything that creates a feeling of anxiety and nervousness.  

Changes to our normal way of life and routine can create those exact feelings. When your brain senses that, it will attempt to distract you from making changes. It’s trying to protect your whole system from the unfamiliar.    

Don’t let it! 

Discuss the issues of change with your personal trainer.  Repetition and a positive mindset can help settle those anxious feelings. It’s important to develop your own positive routine in order to reprogram your mind to understand you are doing what’s best for it.  

Whether it’s having to wake up earlier for an exercise session, or not indulging in a quick trip to the fast food restaurant, your personal trainer will be there to help you break the negative cycle with minimal anxiety.

Do this to boost fitness results with a personal trainer or on your own 

Boost Fitness Results of Personal Training with Right Mindset

Recognize what holds you back: If work often gets in the way of exercising, you may have you commit to a specific time, every day, to exercise. This will take out the interference of work, and open you up to a new routine.  

Retrain your way of thinking: Whenever you’re not in the mood to workout, a personal trainer will motivate you through a dedication not just to them, but to yourself as well. As soon as your brain begins to bargain with your workout, get moving.  

A body in motion, stays in motion. Your trainer may have you create a list of affirmations you can repeat to yourself, when you are feeling particularly lazy or unmotivated. This is only natural, and will lesson over time.  

Tear up your list of excuses: Personal trainers oftentimes have you participate in a symbolic gesture in order for your brain to connect to that negativity and assist in helping you continue on your path.  

By writing down all the reasons you have to NOT workout, and then tearing those up, you reinforce your intent, symbolically, to bypass all that reasoning and do what you know is best for your body.  

Nobody is perfect, and it’s only normal to have days where working out seems like torture. But a good personal trainer will not only acknowledge this, but will go out of their way to help you overcome those feelings!  

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